teaches business, tech, creative skills

Learning resource is available on our website under Online resources. It is categorized under Computers and technology, Education and Employment.

It offers over 3,000 interactive video courses taught by experts. Learn a new skill for work or just for fun. 

Lessons are for all skill levels and include a wide variety of topic areas including business skills and software, web design and development, music, photo and video editing, and 3D design and animation.

How to use

Use your library card to access in a Hennepin County library or at home through an Internet browser.

When you log in the first time, you will be required to set up a account. This account will keep track of your course progress.

For help, check out this tutorial: How to use Or, simply search for a course of interest and get started!

Don’t worry about making a mistake; you’re not graded and you can always pause or replay a course if you miss something. Certificates of completion are available for courses watched in their entirety. 

The library version of provides access to all the same courses provided to company and individual subscribers, and all are free to Hennepin County Library resident cardholders.

Subscription purchased by the Metropolitan Library Service Agency (MELSA), with funding from state and federal tax revenues.