Walker Library construction update

The Walker Library closed on September 22 for reconstruction. Since that time, a great deal of work has been accomplished. The library collection was reviewed and moved to storage, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags were added to the library materials, and the "LIBRARY" letters were removed and placed in storage. (Please follow the link to see pictures of the letters' removal on flickr.)

To prepare for the project's start, a new site analysis was conducted that included The Mall space north of the Walker Library that will be used as a temporary staging area during construction. Unfortunately, approximately eight to ten trees (primarily Locust trees adjacent to the library property) will be removed from the upper Mall area to make room for the construction activities during the project. However, Hennepin County, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and the contractor have identified each tree that will be removed and developed a replacement plan that will plant new trees under the direction of a Park Board forester. A walkway will be constructed on the north side of The Mall starting at West 29th Street going east to the sidewalk at Hennepin Avenue. This walkway will allow pedestrians and bikers to maintain a physical connection between the Mall and Hennepin Avenue.

We're looking forward to re-opening the library in mid-2014.

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