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  Cover Art: Horror : Another 100 Best Books Horror : Another 100 Best Books
...features one hundred of the top names in the horror field discussing one hundred of the most spine-chilling novels ever written. Each entry includes a synopsis of the work as well as publication history, biographical information about the author of each title, and recommended reading and biographical notes on the contributor.
Adult Nonfiction Book
  Cover Art: The Stoker Winners : the Horror Hall of Fame The Stoker Winners : the Horror Hall of Fame
This landmark anthology collects for the first-time ever the Bram Stoker Award-winning short stories and novellas from legendary authors such as Robert Bloch, Harlan Ellison, Dan Simmons, Peter Straub, David Morrell, Jack Ketchum, Joe R. Lansdale, George R.R. Martin, and many, many others!
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Best Served Cold Abercrombie, Joe
Best Served Cold
Duke Orso imagines that he can become king by ending the civil wars that have devastated Styria, but he errs by trying to kill his overly popular general, mercenary Monza Murcatto. Recovering from her massive injuries and mourning her murdered brother, Monza vows vengeance on Orso and half a dozen of his accomplices.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Coldheart Canyon : a Hollywood Ghost Story Barker, Clive
Coldheart Canyon : a Hollywood Ghost Story
The fiercely loyal agent to film's most popular action star finds his client a place to heal from a surgery gone horribly wrong in a forgotten mansion in the Hollywood Hills. But the original owner, a beautiful woman devoted to pleasure at any cost, and the terrible legacy of her deed, haunts Coldheart Canyon.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Devil's Wake Barnes, Steven and Due, Tananarive
Devil's Wake
The eeriness of Devil's Wake begins a week after tomorrow. An unprecedented infection has swept across the world, bringing an epidemic of mindless biting attacks from the infected that leave their victims "changed." Society has broken down. The victims are more than mindless zombies. They are the result of a sinister alien life-form in the wake of the aliens' insidious plot, humanity ultimately becomes enmeshed in a brutal struggle for control of its home, planet Earth.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Zoo City Beukes, Lauren
Zoo City
Zinzi has a talent for finding lost things. To save herself, she has to find the hardest thing of all - the truth...But when a client turns up dead and the cops confiscate her last paycheck, she's forced to take on her least favourite kind of job, missing persons. Being hired by famously reclusive music producer Odi Huron to find a teenybop pop star should be her ticket out of Zoo City, the festering slum where the criminal underclass, marked by their animals, live in the shadow of the undertow.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: From the Dust Returned : a Family Remembrance Bradbury, Ray
From the Dust Returned : a Family Remembrance
An imaginative, witty novel chronicles the lives of the outlandish Elliott clan--including Cecy, a girl who experiences the world through the travels of her mind; Uncle Einar, a fun-loving vampire; Tom, a farm boy with whom Cecy falls in love during one of her spirit journeys; and Timothy, the Elliott's abnormal adopted son.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Creatures of the Pool Campbell, Ramsey
Creatures of the Pool
Gavin Meadows always worried about his father. The old man could appear a bit paranoid at times, and his research projects sometimes seemed a little crazy. But now his father's missing, and Gavin is more than worried. And the more he looks into his father's research, the more frightened he becomes...For the more Gavin learns of the secrets hidden beneath the city for centuries, the more he realizes the people he sees on the street every day may not be people after all.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: The Alienist Carr, Caleb
The Alienist
The year is 1896, the place, New York City. On a cold March night New York Times reporter John Schuyler Moore is summoned to the East River by his friend and former Harvard classmate Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, a psychologist, or "alienist." On the unfinished Williamsburg Bridge, they view the horribly mutilated body of an adolescent boy, a prostitute from one of Manhattan's infamous brothels. The newly appointed police commissioner, Theodore Roosevelt, in a highly unorthodox move, enlists the two men in the murder investigation, counting on the reserved Kreizler's intellect and Moore's knowledge of New York's vast criminal underworld.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Jack of Ravens Chadbourn, Mark
Jack of Ravens
Jack Churchill, archaeologist and dreamer, walks out of the mist and into Celtic Britain more than two thousand years before he was born...Finding his way to the timeless mystical Otherworld, the home of the gods, he plans to while away the days, the years, the millennia, until his own era rolls around again...but nothing is ever that simple. A great Evil waits in modern times and will do all in its power to stop Jack's return.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Neverland Clegg, Douglas
During a summer vacation at his grandmother's home on Gull Island, Beau Jackson's cousin, Sumter, initiates Beau into a series of strange and sinister games--secret rituals that culminate in an explosive evil
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: The Wounded Land Donaldson, Stephen R.
The Wounded Land
Four thousand years have passed since Covenant first freed the Land from the devastating grip of Lord Foul and his minions. But he is back, and Convenant, armed with his stunning white gold magic, must battle the evil forces and his own despair....
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Lunar Park Ellis, Bret Easton
Lunar Park
Becoming a best-selling novelist and wealthy celebrity while still in college, only to have his fame disintegrate in a sea of booze, drugs, and vilification, the narrator gets a new chance at life married to the mother of a previously unacknowledged son and living in suburbia, but now his new life unravels in the wake of a series of grotesque murders and the disappearance of young boys.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Invasion of the Body Snatchers Finney, Jack
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
On the surface, everything in Mill Valley appeared the same to Dr. Miles Bennell, but some mysterious force is changing the town and killing it slowly.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque Ford, Jeffrey
The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque
Piero Piambo, the leading portraitist in 1890s New York, recieves a bizarre commision. He will be paid a large fee to paint the portrait of Mrs. Charbuque, and although he can ask her any question, he must never look upon his subject.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Full Dark House Fowler, Christopher
Full Dark House
When a bomb claims the life of his partner of over 50 years, Detective Arthur Bryant must revisit their first case to uncover the killer's identity. Fowler combines dark drama and black comedy in this deliciously sinister crime novel.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: American Gods : a Novel Gaiman, Neil
American Gods : a Novel
Just released from prison, Shadow encounters Mr. Wednesday, an enigmatic stranger who seems to know a lot about him, and when Mr. Wednesday offers him a job as his bodyguard, Shadow accepts and is plunged into a dark and perilous world.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Generation Loss : a Novel Hand, Elizabeth
Generation Loss : a Novel
Cass, a photographer who made a name for herself in the seventies, now finds herself adrift when someone sends her on a mercy gig where she stumbles across an old mystery that is still claiming victims.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: The Silence of the Lambs Harris, Thomas
The Silence of the Lambs
FBI Academy trainee Clarice Starling hopes that Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a criminally insane psychiatrist imprisoned in a Boston hospital, can lead her to the serial killer known only as Buffalo Bill.
Adult Fiction Book
  Cover Art: Heart-shaped Box Hill, Joe
Heart-shaped Box
A collector of obscure and macabre artifacts, from a cannibal cookbook to a used hangman's noose, unscrupulous metal band musician Judas Coyne is unable to resist purchasing a ghost over the Internet, which turns out to be the vengeful spirit of his late girlfriend's stepfather.
Adult Fiction Book
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