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These stories may be set in the real world or a fantasy world, but they all will keep you wanting to find out what happens next.

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  Cover Art: 7 Billion Needles Tadano, Nobuaki
7 Billion Needles
Hikaru Takabe may not be the most social of teens. Always sporting her headphones, she gives off an aloof aura that rubs her classmates the wrong way. But her not being part of the crowd takes on a different dimension when she becomes involved in an intergalactic game of cat and mouse.
Teen Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: Bone Smith, Jeff
After being run out of Boneville, the 3 Bone cousins are separated and lost in a vast, uncharted desert. One by one, they find their way into a deep, forested valley filled with wonderful and terrifying creatures. Eventually, the cousins are reunited at a farmstead run by tough Gran'ma Ben and her spirited granddaughter, Thorn. But little do the Bones know, there are dark forces conspiring against them and their adventures are just beginning!
Teen Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: Cairo Wilson, G. Willow
Set in bustling modern-day Cairo, this magical-realism thriller interweaves the lives of a drug runner, a down-on-his-luck journalist, an American expatriate, a young activist, an Israeli soldier, and a genie as they navigate the city's streets and spiritual underworld to find a stolen hooka sought by a wrathful gangster-magician.
Adult Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: The Children of Palomar Hernandez, Gilbert
The Children of Palomar
Mysteries are unfolding just outside the isolated Latin American hamlet of Palomar that will forever change the lives of its residents...Hopeful men dynamite a boulder to tap a precious water supply. While exploring a desolate, lightning-wracked plain gashed by a yawning chasm, a group of boys is abducted by an encampment of strange visitors with the power to induce visions of death. Taking the form of a shadowy baby who only appears to childless women, a giant statue comes to life and haunts the village...
Adult Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: The Compleat Terminal City Motter, Dean
The Compleat Terminal City
Terminal City is a place where transistor-tube robots rub elbows with old-time gangsters, where bright, shiny technologies cast deep noir shadows. The city has been in decline since a group of celebrated adventurers disappeared into obscurity. Now a series of strange mysteries involving an unopenable briefcase, a missing link in evolution, a daring lady in red, and an obscene skywriter brings the four men together once again, with explosive results!
Adult Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: Ender's Shadow Carey, Mike
Ender's Shadow
An urchin is picked off the street by a nun and sent to war school to become a brilliant space-war strategist. He is Bean, so called because of his diminutive stature, the result of an illegal genetic experiment.
Adult Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: Ex Machina Vaughan, Brian K.
Ex Machina
When a strange accident gives civil engineer Mitchell Hundred amazing powers, he becomes America's first living, breathing super-hero. Eventually tiring of risking his life merely to help maintain the status quo, Mitch retires from masked crime-fighting and runs for Mayor of New York City, winning by a landslide. And that's when his real adventure begins.
Adult Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: Fables Willingham, Bill
Who killed Rose Red? In Fabletown, where fairytale legends live alongside regular New Yorkers, the question is all anyone can talk about. But only Big Bad Wolf can actually solve the case - and, along with Rose's sister Snow White, keep the Fabletown community from coming apart at the seams--Back cover.
Adult Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: Frank Miller's Sin City Miller, Frank
Frank Miller's Sin City
It is not a superhero comic, and is crime comic. Sin City is the place-tough as leather and dry as tinder. Love is the fuel. Enter Marv and Goldie. And a psychotic killer. And a crime-drenched town. And a corrupted diocese. Sin City is a town like no other...
Adult Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: George R. R. Martin's The Hedge Knight : the Graphic Novel Avery, Ben
George R. R. Martin's The Hedge Knight : the Graphic Novel
"Set one hundred years before the events in George R. R. Martin's epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Hedge Knight graphic novel chronicles a young squire as he travels the cruel and complex path to knighthood in the Seven Kingdoms. Shouldering his fallen master's sword and shield, Duncan (or 'Dunk') is determined to reinvent himself as a knight in a nearby tournament. But first Dunk needs a sponsor, and that requirement sends him down a road studded with friends, foes, adventure, and hidden agendas. One such friend is Egg, who becomes Dunk's squire, yet even he may hold secret motivations of his own. In this gripping prequel, Dunk and Egg seek glory in a world both familiar and new to Game of Thrones fans. What the two fortune seekers encounter, however, is a world of distrust and political machinations. Chivalry is not lost while Dunk holds fast to his dreams of honor. But such outdated virtues make him a target--and they may even lead to his ruin. This vivid and elaborately wrought tale brings new dimension to George R. R. Martin's beloved world."--P. [4] of cover.
Adult Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: Gon Tanaka, Masashi
Long before the dawn of man, savage dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Now, only one remains -- the smallest, wildest of them all! Gon marches across the wilderness defending the friendly and furry from the mean and hungry. Told entirely without words, these stories highlight the amazingly detailed art and visual storytelling genius of creator Masashi Tanaka.
Teen Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: Hardware McDuffie, Dwayne
Inventor/engineer Curt Metcalf breaks free of his employer, businessman Edwin Alva, who refused to share the profits from Metcalf's many creations. Discovering that Alva is tied to organized crime, and learning that no law enforcement agency would touch him, Metcalf created the high tech Hardware armor that enabled him to work against Alva.
Adult Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: House of Five Leaves Ono, Natsume
House of Five Leaves
Masterless samurai Akitsu Masanosuke is a skilled and loyal swordsman...he agrees to become a bodyguard for Yaichi, the charismatic leader of a group calling itself "Five Leaves." Although disturbed by the gang's sinister activities, Masa begins to suspect that Yaichi's motivations are not what they seem.
Adult Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: I Kill Giants Kelly, Joe
I Kill Giants
Barbara Thorson, a girl battling monsters both real and imagined, kicks butt, takes names, and faces her greatest fear in a bittersweet, coming-of-age story.
Teen Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files Butcher, Jim
Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files
Harry Dresden, the only professional wizard listed in the Chicago phone book, returns to take on new supernatural villains out to turn the world upside down, in an original graphic novel adventure based on the best-selling fantasy series.
Adult Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: The Klondike Worton, Zach
The Klondike
The history of how a handful of colorful characters sparked the largest mobilization of gold seekers in history is brought vividly to life in this debut graphic novel by the cartoonist Zach Worton.
Adult Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Moore, Alan
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
London, 1898...The enigmatic Campion Bond of British Intelligence has begun a recruiting mission, collecting a menagerie of individuals who can be of value to his superiors due to ... activities that have forced them beyond the pale. But as Mina Murray, Allan Quartermain, Captain Nemo, Hawley Griffin, Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Edward Hyde discover, British Intelligence has plans for them that go far beyond mere spying. And if they survive their first test against the devil doctor of Limehouse, they'll have to battle an even stranger menace from the stars!
Adult Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: Library Wars Yumi, Kiiro
Library Wars
In the near future, the federal government creates a committee to rid society of books it deems unsuitable. The libraries vow to protect their collections, and with the help of local governments, form a military group to defend themselves---the Library Forces!
Adult Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: Marvel 1602 Gaiman, Neil
Marvel 1602
The year is 1602...Her majesty's premier spy, Sir Nicholas Fury, fends off an assassination attempt on the Queen by winged warriors rumored to be in service to a mad despot named Doom. News is spreading of "witchbreed" sightings-- young men bearing fantastic superhuman powers and abilities. And in the center of the rising chaos is Virginia Dare, a young girl newly arrived from the New World, guarded by a towering Indian warrior. Can Fury and his allies find a connection to these unusual happenings before the whole world ends?
Teen Graphic Novel
  Cover Art: Maximum Ride Patterson, James
Maximum Ride
After the mutant Erasers abduct the youngest member of their group, the "bird kids," who are the result of genetic experimentation, take off in pursuit and find themselves struggling to understand their own origins and purpose.
Teen Graphic Novel
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