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New Website Coming Soon!   New Website Coming Soon!
Watch for our new mobile-friendly catalog and website, offering more resources for readers, improved search and better eBooks access, plus new ways to use the library resources you love, from databases to book lists.
Posted on Sep. 26, 2014
Opera at the Library
Northeast, Nokomis and Edina libraries are hosting Opera Viva! performances and educational events in October. Opera Viva! events are part of a season-long Minnesota Opera residency at the Library.
Posted on Sep. 28, 2014

Attend a Family Code Day
Caregivers and kids grade 3 and up can learn about computer coding together at Northeast and Champlin libraries this October. An IT specialist will introduce basic computer programming concepts. Learn more and register. Computers provided.
Posted on Sep. 25, 2014

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 4
Before you can vote, you must register. Mail in your voter registration application or register to vote online by Tuesday, Oct. 14, or register at your polling place on Election Day. Applications are available at Hennepin County libraries and from the Hennepin County Elections Division.
Posted on Sep. 23, 2014