The purpose of this policy is to ensure the regular review of Hennepin County Library Board policies.


  • Library Board policies articulate the underlying principles that guide and support Hennepin County Library.
  • Library Board policies reflect socio-economic and technological changes that continue to shape and reshape public library services.

Policy Review

Each Library Board policy will be reviewed at least once every five years. Newly created Library Board policies will receive an initial review after one or two years of their adoption.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Library Director (or designee) recommends policy revisions to the Library Board Program/Policy Committee.
  • The Library Board Program/Policy Committee reviews and revises policies as necessary, endorses the draft policy revision and advances to the full Library Board for approval.
  • The full Library Board reviews the revised policy and may move to adopt, defer action to the Library Board’s next meeting, or return to the committee for further revision.


This policy is reviewed by the Library Director (or designee) every five (5) years who then makes recommendations to the Library Board Program/Policy Committee.  The committee reviews and revises as necessary and advances to the full Library Board for approval. Library Board members may initiate a policy review at any time.

Policy History

Next Review Date: 05/2019

Date last reviewed/revised: 05/28/2014

Date Approved: 01/13/2010