• Library service updates

    Services have changed in response to COVID-19. Learn about visiting a library, returning items, finding online resources, and more.
  • Due dates are back

    Auto-extension of due dates has ended. Check due dates in your account or on your checkout receipt. Return your items at any library location 24/7.
  • Mary Ann Key Book Club

    Join a shared reading experience on themes of race, racism and antiracism. An HCL collaboration with columnist Myron Medcalf.
  • May is American Indian Month in Minnesota

    Join us as we celebrate American Indian Month in Minnesota with online events, book lists and other library resources.

  • May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

    Celebrate Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders with online events, videos and recommended books.

  • May is Small Business Month

    Learn about library tools such as Mergent Intellect and patent and trademark basics with online events on Wednesdays in May.