Sectio Aurea

by Shane Albritton and Norman Lee, 2016

About the art

Folded ceramic steel panels lend a changing perspective to this wraparound wall mural, as the artwork shifts between two vibrant compositions. Visible from outside the library as well as inside, mural images reflect the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) theme envisioned for the library by the community. Standing from one angle, you see nature-themed imagery: potato blooms, snail shells, pinecones, snowflakes, and more. From the other, look for fingerprints, ancient fossils, weather patterns, and architecture. The artists were inspired by a spiral form built on the golden ratio, a shape underlying many patterns and shapes across the universe, including in the natural world, art, architecture, and design.

Funded by the Hennepin County Library One Percent for Art Program