Heritage of Edina

by Katherine Nash, 1968

About the art

This 11-foot copper sculpture offers an ode to Edina, contained in layers of symbolism. To start, the sculpture’s two big vertical elements represent old American Indian trails that still exist today—now known as Vernon Avenue and Valley View Road. Nearby Nine Mile Creek and Minnehaha Creek both get a nod, as does Hennepin County’s first mill, represented by the sculpture’s circular discs (millstones). There’s also thistle, shamrock and clover to honor Edina’s early settlers from Scotland and Ireland. This notable sculpture comes from a notable woman, Katherine Nash, whose name still appears on an art gallery at the University of Minnesota—and in the memories of many Minnesotans.

Artist statement

“The welded copper sculpture symbolically represents Edina village historical and geographical elements.”

Donated by the Edina Library Sculpture Committee