by Zoran Mojsilov, 2006

About the art

With more than 10 tons of granite tied together by stainless steel, “Zoomorphy” looks like some mythical beast—or a natural rock landscape. The sculpture anchors the rain garden at East Lake, its solid weightiness contrasting nicely against the lighter, airier design of the library. “Zoomorphy” calls out for interaction, which local artist Zoran Mojsilov encourages: feel free to touch the sculpture, explore or sit down with a favorite book.

Artist statement

“My sculptures include wood, granite, sandstone and limestone. I look for the natural forces that have imprinted themselves on these materials and then cut, chisel and stack these elements to play with gravity. These volumes are then linked with steel that is tied like rope to force the weight of the stone in odd directions.”

Funded by the Minneapolis Public Library Percent for Art Program