World Language

by Marilyn Lindstrom, 2005

About the art

“World Language” rounds out this pair of companion pieces, hanging above the west fireplace across from “Red Lake.” With a Scandinavian background, artist Marilyn Lindstrom also helps round out the cultural history of the library’s neighborhood. The piece weaves a rich tapestry of symbols from six continents, including the universal symbol of the conch shell and animal symbols from traditions as varied as Australia, China, France and Egypt. Viewed along with “Red Lake,” it provides a parallel but divergent glimpse into cultural traditions.

Artists statement

We believe the arts have a transformative and healing dimension. Many of us are losing our understanding of both the traditional symbols of our cultural heritage as well as the significance of current artistic efforts. For immigrant or bicultural people, especially youth shaping their identity and elders grieving the dilution of their cultural heritage, there is healing in art.

Funded by the Minneapolis Public Library Percent for Art Program