Kinetic Sculpture #462

by Jeffrey Zachmann, 2011
Sculpture kinetic

About the art

This piece lives up to its name, with both literal and implied movement to help viewers experience and imagine the invisible forces of energy. The artist intends the pieces to move when touched, and the use of metal plates, gears and wire create a work both industrial and whimsical. Accompanied by symbols of physics, geometry and algebra – spot the parabolic shape! – the sculpture guides you in visualizing the physics of everyday life, while remaining accessible to all viewers.

Artist statement

I see my work not simply as sculptural machines, but also as studies in line, shape, color and motion. I find the biggest challenge with my work is balancing the technical structure with artistic need. My goal is to make my sculptures intriguing static pieces that, when set in motion, become captivating.

Funded by the Friends of the Golden Valley Library