by Michael Pilla, 2002
Glass stained

About the art

The artist uses his signature stained glass medium to illuminate the library while offering reflections on the experiences within it. “Books,” in soothing blues, meditates on the library’s best-known resource, while “Cosm” and “Ovum” use warmer colors to symbolize the new life found in knowledge. The artist’s work is also featured at Hosmer Library in Minneapolis, and he has been a key figure in glass restoration projects around the Twin Cities.

Artist statement

Light is a fundamental need in discerning our place in the world, whether on a conscious or subconscious level. Light entices a space to share its secrets and reveals the spirit that is sometimes hidden in architecture. It touches the essence of our being and awakens us to a healing of our mind and spirit.

Funded by the Hennepin County Library One Percent for Art Program