Figure Sculptures

by Jeanine Guncheon, 2006

About the art

These playful pieces feel right at home in the children’s area. The four smaller figures take human form, though that’s a loose interpretation—you’ll see birds for arms, clown-sized feet, and one figure standing in a fish. The largest of the five sculptures moves in a different direction, presenting a balancing act of various elements, including several fish and a crescent moon that appears to have sprouted feet and hands, all perched atop a four-legged wire stand.

Artist statement

“I do no preliminary drawing on paper. I draw directly on wood with no preconceived plan. The surprise of the picture is what interests me. I believe the outward images are a direct result of inner feeling. The work is busy and complex. The images are simple and organized.”

Funded by the Minneapolis Public Library Percent for Art Program