The Power Of …

by Ta-coumba Aiken, 2006

About the art

“The Power Of …” invites viewers to pause and reflect for a while, finding their own answer to this artwork’s unfinished title. There’s a lot to see within the richly colored ceramic mosaic, which wraps around the fourth-floor fireplace. A grandparent figure anchors one end, serving as the holder and transmitter of stories, and around this figure swirl the interwoven stories, memories and energies of the evolving human spirit.

Artist statement

“The Central Library fireplace commission reflects the spirit of inquiry and discovery. My intent is to create a quilt-like design that encompasses the many aspects, energies and spirits that make us who we are. I show the many layers of imagery that inspire us to ask questions and to make decisions.”

Funded by the Minneapolis Public Library Percent for Art Program