Ripple Effect

by Lita Albuquerque, 2006

About the art

We usually don’t look for art underneath our feet, but be sure to take a moment to look down and appreciate “Ripple Effect,” created for the opening of the library in 2006. Inspired by Minneapolis’ connection to water, the design echoes the experience of skipping a stone across the surface of a lake. There are five blue lines running the length of the hall (representing flows of knowledge), ripple lines radiating out, glass pieces with text and images honoring great thinkers like Galileo and Gutenberg, and a bronze medallion at the center of the floor, symbolizing the center of self-knowledge.

Artist statement

“In this design, I addressed the building itself and the individual experiencing the building. In terms of the building I was interested in grounding it to itself. I felt that the soaring nature of the grand hall needed grounding.”

Funded by the Minneapolis Public Library Percent for Art Program