Book Loving Dragon

by Darcy Ferrill and Shawn Trellage, 2012
Sculpture suspended

About the art

The “Book-Loving Dragon” is a colorful, playful piece that speaks to the imagination and the magic of books and learning. It hangs suspended above the children’s area with a book in its tail, echoing the colorful characters in the books below. Created by a pair of commercial architects/artists, the glass, aluminum and acrylic sculpture is meant to be clean and crisp like the library’s design, with colors and curves that pair well with its surroundings.

Artist statement

“This dragon was ‘starved for knowledge’ so it ate the books—now it has a full belly of thoughts and ideas. This dragon is a lighthearted, curious character that is floating while reading (an elevated/euphoric state). The dragon is also holding its favorite book with its tail, adding an entertaining spirit to the form.”

Funded by the Hennepin County Library One Percent for Art program