Turning Leaves

by Marjorie Pitz, 2006

About the art

These three leaf sculptures in the atrium are an invitation to interact. Landscape architect Marjorie Pitz designed them to be sat on, touched and enjoyed. Each is made of a different wood—cherry, walnut or maple—and has a slightly different tilt, as if they’d freshly fallen to the earth. The leaf motif also repeats in the tile floor, allowing the artistic conversation to move into a different plane. The name of the work likewise carries multiple layers: “Turning Leaves” refers not just to the leaves themselves, but to visitors turning the leaves of books and using the library to turn over a new leaf in their lives.

Artist statement

“My hope is that visitors to the library will feel closer to nature through their reflection on the leaves, as well as the trees from which they were made and the transformations that are part of life.”

Funded by the City of Minneapolis Art in Public Places Program and the Minneapolis Public Library Percent for Art Program