Compelling the Soul to Look Upward

by Bebe Keith, 2018

About the art

Suspended over the east-facing windows, this artwork makes meaning from its place. In addition to the 12 glass panels, find the bronze medallion in the floor by the bookshelves. Each hand-fabricated and painted panel represents a month of the year, and from the medallion, that panel lines up with the location of the sunrise on the horizon. Visit throughout the year to trace a path from June’s summer solstice over to December’s winter solstice, and around again. The viewing experience changes throughout the day, too, as morning sunlight brightly illuminates the colorful glass, while in the evening, interior lights pick up the metallic leafing throughout the work.

Artist statement

“When I lived out in the country, my porch faced a small rise to the west with a wide horizon line. I was amazed by how wide the space was between where the sun went down in the winter, and where it went down in the summer. Throughout the year we watched its path move slowly across the horizon, from solstice to solstice and back again.”

Funded by the Hennepin County Library One Percent for Art Program