Golden Flow

by Sheryl Tuorila, 2013

About the art

This eight-foot rectangular mosaic features a golden “river” flowing across its full length, surrounded by circle designs in blues, greys, greens, and terra cotta. Containing a mix of contemporary materials alongside ammonite fossils and Brazilian agates and inspired by the flow of the Mississippi River, it inspires viewers to look for beauty and knowledge in their surroundings.

Artist statement

The finished artwork functions as a stopping point for the viewer, allowing them to clear their mind for a moment and allow their eyes to meander through the individual tiles and experience the journey of color and shapes. Each time the work is approached, the viewer notices something new. The flowing designs remind me of how our lives, time and relationships to people, our work, and nature, flow. Many aspects of life are constantly blending and moving, taking us on a journey that in many ways can’t be controlled but still we persevere.

Funded by the Hennepin County Library One Percent for Art Program