Laughing Water

by Virginia Bradley, 1992

About the art

Tucked into the dome above the children’s area is a whole imaginary world where whimsical animals interact. The best way to view it is to lie on your back in the middle of the children’s area and turn your gaze upward. From there, you can see the painted waterfall (inspired by nearby Minnehaha Creek) cascading down, and you’ll spy a variety of creatures: dancing kangaroos, a dog, mice enjoying cheesecake and tea, all created by Virginia Bradley for the kids (and adults) of Washburn Library.

Artist statement

“[I] strive to impart a sense of mystery, wonderment and adventure to the atmosphere and characters … to create a world which envelops the viewer, a world in which the viewer becomes a participant rather than an outside observer.”

Funded by the Minneapolis Public Library Percent for Art Program