MNLINK instructions

Log in

  • Connect to MNLINK. Click on login at the left or top of the page. Type in the full barcode number from your library card and your PIN.
  • In the Pickup Location box, choose Hennepin County Library from the drop down menu. Your library card must be registered with Hennepin County Library in order to request an item to pick up at a Hennepin County library and to check out the item when it arrives. See library cards for more information.
  • Note: If MNLINK does not accept your library card number, contact your home library system to check on your account.

Search for the item

  • Once you've logged in, click on "Search MNLINK" at the top left of the page to return to the main search page. 
  • Enter your search terms there or use advanced search to find the item you want, including details such as format, language, or year.
  • Click on the title or cover image for availability information, to see other editions and formats, and to verify that the item is the one wanted.
  • Click on the "Request Item" button.

Complete the request form

  • My Requests: Use the drop down menu on the Pickup Location box to choose the Hennepin County library where the item should be sent.
  • Part Details: Use this section to request journal or magazine articles or multi-volume sets (one request per form).
  • Special Instructions: You can indicate here whether you do not need the item after a certain date. If you want ILL staff to search nationally for an item that is not in MNLINK, then type "national search" in the box. ILL staff will not conduct a national search unless requested
  • Review the request and then click "Request".

If there is no record in MNLINK

  • From the Filters, select "Libraries Worldwide". The search will automatically run again.
  • If a record is found, click on  the "Request Item" button and complete the request form.
  • Note in the Special Instructions box that a national search is requested.
  • If a record is not found, then at the left, under My Account, click on Create Request and fill in as much information as possible.
  • ILL staff cannot request materials outside of North America.
  • If a lender can be found for an item, you will be notified when it arrives at your selected pickup location.
  • If a lender is not found, a note will be placed on your library account.

Request status

  • To check on your requests, log in to MNLINK and click on "My Requests" under Your Account at the left.
  • Select "Show all Requests" to see current and past requests.
  • Log out when finished.