Privacy notice: How we collect and use your information

According to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Hennepin County Library must inform you, the library card applicant, of what private data we collect, its uses and disposition (sometimes referred to as the “Tennessen warning”).

  • All of the information you give to the library in your application is classified as private information. Only your name is public information.
  • The private information you supply to us is available only to you and to any appropriate library personnel. It is not available to the general public without your written permission, a court order or as otherwise authorized by law.
  • This information is required to support library services, such as keeping track of library materials and conducting other necessary library business.
  • If you are under age 18, information about materials requested, borrowed or kept overdue is available to your parent or guardian. You may ask to have this information withheld by filling out a data privacy request form. However, we can only withhold this data from your parent if it is in your best interest to do so.

Learn more about library and county data privacy policies