Library Board meeting minutes - March 23, 2022

The public is welcome at all library board meetings

The Hennepin County Library Board met on Wednesday March 23, 2022, virtually via Microsoft Teams.


Present: Lynn Stetler, Gordy Aune, Jr., Kimberly Urig, Briana Eicheldinger, Michael Hogan, Erin Vrieze Daniels, Jane Brissett, Keegan Xavi

Hennepin County Staff: Dan Rogan, J.R. Genett, Patti Hetrick, Jeannette Lewis, Amy McNally


Call to Order

Vice President Jane Brissett called the Hennepin County Library Board meeting of March 23, 2022, to order at 5:30 p.m. and welcomed all in attendance.

Approval of Agenda

Vice President Jane Brissett added to the agenda a welcome to Interim Library Director Dan Rogan to the Presidents report. Lynn Stetler added to the agenda a discussion about in-person Library Board Meetings to Unfinished Business.
Motion: Gordy Aune Jr.
Seconded: Erin Vrieze Daniels
Motion passed.

Approval of Consent Items

Approval of the revised minutes of December 1, 2021, Approval of minutes of January 26, 2022, and Acceptance of Donations
Motion: Lynn Stetler
Seconded: Gordy Aune Jr.
Motion passed.

Public Comment

The Library Board listened to one public comment about the use of meeting rooms by local Friends group, as well as a suggestion for hiring the new Library Director.

President’s Report

Vice President Jane Brissett gave the President’s Report in President Adja Kaba’s absence Brissett mentioned upcoming Hennepin County Library Events, thanked leaving Board members for their service, and welcomed newly appointed board members.

Vice President Jane Brissett recommended for Lynn Stetler to replace Jonathan Gaw and Samuel Neisen to serve on the Budget and Long-term Planning Committee. Brissett recommended Erin Vrieze Daniels to replace Jonathan Gaw and LaBelle Nambangi to serve on the Nominating committee. Brissett recommended Keegan Xavi to serve on the Policy Committee, replacing Labelle Nambangi.
Motion: Kimberly Urig
Seconded: Gordy Aune, Jr.
Motion passed.

Welcomed Dan Rogan as interim Library Director and extended thanks to Chad Helton for his service to the Hennepin County Libraries.

Director’s Report

Interim Director Dan Rogan introduced himself and spoke to the Library Board on Library, Community, and County Updates.

Library Staff Dialogue

Deputy Director J.R. Genett introduced the Data Strategy Team library staff, Shannon Adkins and Phil Feilmeyer to talk about the fine free initiative.

Committee Reports

The next Executive Committee meeting is April 20, 2022, no other new updates.

The Friends of Hennepin County Library (FHCL) Committee reported on upcoming author programs and other events. The Friends board have partnered with Chrysalis Consulting Collaborative for an evaluation of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The FHCL budget was approved by the board.

The Budget and Long-term Planning Committee had a meeting on February 15th and welcomed new members. The committee is working with the library to get updates and a timeline for the Budget.

The Policy Committee revised and brought to the board the Commissioned Public Art Policy and the Donations Policy. Commissioned Public Art Policy
Motion: Gordy Aune Jr.
Seconded: Erin Vrieze Daniels
Amendment to the motion to table the discussion to next meeting.
Motion: Lynn Stetler
Seconded: Erin Vrieze Daniels.
Motion to amend passed.

Unfinished Business

Lynn Stetler asked for an update on when Library Board meetings will return to in-person meetings.

New Business

Erin Vrieze Daniels motioned to evaluate the email response process at the next executive meeting, with the intention to bring a plan to the next board meeting.
Seconded: Lynn Stetler
Motion passed.


There being no further business, Gordy Aune, Jr. made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:07 p.m.; seconded by Erin Vrieze Daniels. Motion passed. The next meeting of the Hennepin County Library Board will be held at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday May 4, 2022, virtually via Microsoft Teams.