Cargill Gallery

Cargill Gallery is a library-based gallery space committed to community-engaged group exhibits, with a primary focus on local creators from underserved communities and organizations with limited access to exhibiting their work. Cargill Gallery’s free, public exhibits encourage lifelong learning and often connect visitors with library resources or associated programs and activities.

Cargill Gallery will:

  • Support greater equity through amplifying the voices of diverse communities and creators who may speak for themselves and tell their own stories.
  • Connect people, ideas, communities, and resources.
  • Promote dialogue, broaden perspectives, and provoke deeper thinking.
  • Inspire learning and creativity.

Location and hours

The gallery is on the second floor of the Minneapolis Central Library. It is free and open to the public during library hours.

Information for exhibitors

Organizations may apply to use the gallery. Read more about applying to use Cargill Gallery.


1934 & Now

June 3 – July 28

1934 & Now, Connections of the Minneapolis Truckers’ Strike of 1934 presents work that connects local labor history, current issues, and the role of workers in bringing social change. The show coincides with the strike’s 90th anniversary and includes banners, photographs, installations, drawings, paintings, tapestries, and video.

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Voices of the Unheard

February 9 – March 29

The George Floyd Global Memorial introduces “Voices of the Unheard.” This exhibit highlights voices of black youth. It was designed by engaging black students, discussing the events of the 2020 Uprising, and allowing each student to choose a protest sign that resonated with their feelings.

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TransFabulous – Gender in Community

December 6 - January 27

TransFabulous is proud to present Gender in Community, an exhibit created with the thriving queer arts community both local and abroad. Gender is a social construct which many of us struggle against in terms of expectations, autonomy, and expression. But in resistance comes community. Joy and gender intermingle to create satirical performances, scathing visual art, and dazzling stories which challenge our most basic assumptions. Gender, in these moments of community, becomes a mask which can be exchanged or altered at will.

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