Minneapolis Central Library parking

Parking is located underground; the entrance is on 4th St.

Handicapped spaces are available on each level near the elevators.


Minneapolis Central Library currently has a waitlist for contract parking. You will be added the day we receive your email.

Parking hours

Parking hours are from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Access when the library is closed

If you will be returning to the garage after the library closes, be sure to take your parking ticket with you.

To enter the garage when the library is closed, slide your parking ticket in the card reader at the Nicollet Mall library entrance. (The card reader is located on the metal post in front of the library doors.)

Parking rates and payment

  • 0-1 hour - $4
  • 1-2 hours - $5
  • 2-3 hours - $6
  • 3-4 hours - $9
  • 4-5 hours - $12
  • 5-6 hours - $12
  • 6-7 hours - $13
  • 7-9 hours - $13
  • 9-10 hours - $15
  • 10+ hours - $18
  • $1/hr accrues for every hour after 10 hours up to daily maximum (24 hours)
  • Daily maximum - $24
  • Lost ticket fee - $35
  • After 3 p.m. - $5
  • Weekend - $5
  • Weekend night - $5
  • Monthly - $185

Parking rates are subject to change without notice.

Cash, Visa, and Mastercard are accepted by automated payment machines on each parking level and also on the main floor, before the entrance to the elevators.

Drive-through book drop

A book drop is available on the P1 parking level. When you enter the garage, take a ticket, loop around the P1 parking level, and you will see a steel book return box before the exit. Return your books, continue to the exit gate, and use your ticket to exit (free of charge if you exit within 15 minutes of entering.)

School buses

Buses should drop students off on the Hennepin Avenue side of the library and can park with no time restriction for a fee at Ramp A at 101 9th Street. Call (612) 339-7557 for more information.

Electric car charging station

The Minneapolis Central Library parking garage includes a stall reserved for electric car charging, located across from the elevator lobby on level P1 and is currently available free of charge.

The charger is from ChargePoint, a network that includes an interactive map to locate available charging stations across the country. Electric car owners can use their own cord or the cord supplied at the library's station. Users gain access to the station with an access card from the organization, a smart (contact-free) credit card, or by calling the number displayed on the unit.