Plans progressing for Westonka Library replacement

rendering of an entrance to a new one-story westonka library building

Hennepin County hosted a community meeting at Westonka Library Saturday, March 2, as part of a series of events to engage the public and share updates on the Westonka Library replacement project.

The new Westonka Library will better meet community needs for contemporary library service with an early learning area for families, meeting spaces for students and groups of all ages, and enhanced access to technology. The new facility is envisioned to be a net-zero energy building. A net-zero facility is designed to produce 100% (or more) of the energy it consumes through renewable energy sources generated on its site.

Community engagement

Westonka Library serves residents in the west metro cities of Minnetonka Beach, Minnetrista, Mound, Spring Park, and surrounding communities. In 2023, approximately 29,000 people visited the Westonka Library, and more than 90,000 physical items were checked out. In the same year, there were 6,150 public computer sessions and 13,000 Wi-Fi connections. Westonka Library is an essential community hub. It is a place to explore, learn, and play.

In addition to a survey which garnered 496 responses from library patrons between April and August of 2023, Hennepin County staff have also been meeting with local government agencies, including the city of Mound, to discuss plans.

Incorporating feedback into design

Feedback from the community is important as plans progress on the Westonka Library project. This feedback will be incorporated as the new design is taking shape. The new Westonka Library will be a space to gather and connect with family, friends, and neighbors, access county and community resources, attend classes and events, and use technology. The space will be accessible, modern, include study and meeting spaces, and feature natural light and a connection to nature. The central focus of the space will be the library collection with defined areas for adult, teen, and children’s collections.

Sustainability remains a priority

The new Westonka Library will be built with sustainability at the forefront. Climate action initiatives include:

  • Net-Zero: A feasibility study found that the Westonka Library, based on its building size and south-facing site, would be an ideal candidate for a net-zero facility.
  • Geothermal: Energy from the earth
  • Solar: Rooftop solar panels
  • Tree preservation: A significant number of healthy, mature existing trees surrounding the current building will remain.
  • Water management: The flow of water on the site has informed the building location and design, and 92% of stormwater will be managed on site.
  • Waste diversion: Recycling, salvage, and reuse of 75% of construction and demolition waste will reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Project updates

Construction on the project is set to begin in late-2024 with completion expected in mid-2026.

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A look at potential designs

The renderings in the document linked below are concepts depicting what the interior and exterior of the new Westonka Library could look like. They are not final plans and may change as the project progresses. See images in full meeting summary document (PDF 0.6 MB).