Donation Policy

Hennepin County Library Board Policy


Hennepin County Library welcomes and encourages donations. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to those who wish to support the Hennepin County Library through a financial or other donation. It describes the scope of donations received and defines the roles and responsibilities for accepting donations made to the Hennepin County Library.


  • Donations are welcomed and valued expressions of individual support for Hennepin County Library and its mission to nourish minds, transform lives, and build community together.
  • Donations enhance the library's services and programs.
  • Financial donations enrich Hennepin County Library but do not replace public tax support.
  • Planned gifts contribute to the legacy and sustain the mission of Hennepin County Library.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Hennepin County Board of Commissioners has delegated to the Library Board the authority and responsibility to accept donations to the Hennepin County Library on behalf of Hennepin County. The Library Board will acknowledge significant donations with an additional expression of appreciation to the donor.

The Library does not provide appraisals of gifts or potential gifts. All donated materials are outright gifts to the Library.

Scope and Disposition of Donations Received

  • Library supporters are encouraged to make financial donations to the Friends of the Hennepin County Library.
  • The Library Board encourages library supporters to consider the planned giving opportunities administered by the Friends of the Hennepin County Library.
  • The Library may accept donated materials. The Library Board’s Collection Development and Management Policy is the basis for staff decisions about adding materials to the collection. Materials not suitable for the collection may be given to individual Friends of the Library groups for resale.
  • The decision to accept the donation of a major special collection is made by the Library Board upon recommendation of the Library Director. Donated collections become the property of Hennepin County Library, which has the authority on retention, location and disposition.
  • The Hennepin County Library is unable to accept donated works of art. Exceptions can be suggested by the Library Director who will bring for approval to the Library Board.

Associated Policies and County Board Resolutions


This policy is reviewed by the Library Director (or designee) every four years, or more frequently as needed. Recommendations are forwarded to a Library Board committee. The committee reviews and revises as necessary, endorses and advances to the full Library Board for approval.

Policy History

Next Review Date: 2026
Date Approved: 2022