by Alexander Tylevich, 2017

About the art

Fourteen panels, made of laminated tempered dichroic glass, form a memorable composition in front of the library’s clerestory windows. As a literal signifier, the panels spell out “WALKER” and “LIBRARY.” Each panel, 80 inches tall, uses gold and complementary colors to play off the warm interior wood tones and sits in custom metal brackets. The two installations, like bonded elements, visually join two parts of the building when standing at its center, drawing together the library collection and open gathering spaces that define Walker Library. 

Artist statement

“Perhaps the best single word to describe my approach is ‘confluence.’ Over the years, my work has demonstrated a purposeful co-mingling of the two disciplines of architecture and sculpture. Architecturally integrated art is a constant and prominent feature in all of my projects. My intention is always to create an artwork that is site-specific and engages the site both physically and conceptually. I aim to incorporate different layers of meaning into my work, and I use a broad and ever-changing palette of products, the most durable materials, and new technologies.”

Funded by the Hennepin County Library One Percent for Art program