Go to Your Room

by Dick Brewer and Al Wadzinski,
Mixed media

About the art

This big, brilliantly colored piece in the children’s area is the collaborative work of two best friends. It all began with a piece of Plexiglas, which Dick Brewer dug into with a die grinder (what he describes as a “giant dental drill”), removing bits of material and then coloring those areas with lacquers and enamels. Al Wadzinski, meanwhile, created the frame, attaching kids’ toys to it to enhance the whimsical effect. The result is a colorful abstract piece that invites young viewers to dive in and find their own creative world within.

Artist statement

“I see, somewhere in the story, a hot day and angry parents who are frustrated enough that they no longer require the company of their children, banishing them to their room, which of course is a wonderland in itself. It’s a family tale with a happy ending. The folks get their lemonade (or cocktails) and some quality alone time, and the kids get to be in their world, a creative place of endless potential.”

Donated by Bill and Nancy Berneking