Water, Land, Sky

by Phil Daniel and Shawnee Langworthy,

About the art

This glass artwork brings to mind a shimmering sky or glistening lake, especially as the light plays off its colors in a watery way. That was part of the intention of the husband-and-wife artists behind the work, who were inspired by the library’s lakeside location, the Sioux symbol for lake and the geometric beadwork of the Sioux. The pair worked with 8-by-12-inch pieces of dalle de verre, irregularly colored slabs of thick glass that offer brilliant color. The resulting grid of greens, blues and browns is both welcoming and soothing, offering a tranquil place for the mind to momentarily relax.

Artist statement

“The piece abstractly mirrors the view from the vast window opposite and will constantly change as the light changes from the space. From a distance there is order and conformity, but up close no two pieces are alike. There is a phenomenon we find in all of life and nature and I sought to emulate that in the artwork.”

Funded by the Hennepin County Library One Percent for Art program